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February 17, 2013
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Photo Credit, Keith Allison

Once you visit this MUST SEE new attraction, don’t be surprised if as soon as you arrive home, you find yourself online, looking up the subject RAINFORESTS, seeing what you may do to preserve them! You may even imagine yourself ACTUALLY IN a rainforest, enjoying exhibit after exhibit of the beautiful parrots and their individual sounds, surrounded by beautiful flowers, gardens, and a picturesque waterfall!

See God’s beautiful creations at different stages of development, all the way from a somewhat clumsy, unattractive, newly-hatched baby, to an adult so colorful, you’ll think it is a ‘stuffed colorful bird’ until it moves or squawks!


The highlight of your entire vacation may happen when you and or your children walk into the large Lory aviary, and have a bunch of beautiful young birds vie for your nectar, eating right out of your hand, after which you will undoubtedly hear the kids ask “can we PLEASE take one home with us!!!” The managers, Zach, Isabel & Fletcher (& Jacob!), are EXTREMELY knowledgeable about all areas concerning the birds, and is able to answer whatever questions arise that their very knowledgeable and friendly staff may not be able to answer. PARROT MOUNTAIN is rated a ‘MUST SEE’ attraction by!

Every day, thousands of acres of tropical rainforest are cleared and burned, thus destroying birds, plants and habitat, causing them to become endangered or possibly extinct.
Parrot Mountain and Gardens is dedicated to helping preserve these species of beautiful birds through propagation, to prevent their becoming extinct like the Passenger Pigeon and Carolina Parakeet, once native to the USA. Come See & Hear Beautiful Tropical Birds from Different parts of the World!!!!

You may think there’s no way to see the rainforest in the heart of the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, but Parrot Mountain & Gardens is doing its part to bring a little piece of the rainforest to the USA! Parrot Mountain and Garden is dedicated to preserving and protecting the avian species of the rainforest in the hopes of preventing the extinctions of different species. At Parrot Mountain & Gardens, you’ll stroll along pathways through lush gardens. In the Lory Aviary, you’ll see Australian and Indonesian lorikeets flying all around you — they’ll even drink nectar right out of your hand!

Web: Parrot Mountain and Gardens
Address: 1471 McCarter Hollow Rd Sevierville, TN 37862
Phone: (865) 774-1749